Phil D Racing

About Us.

The organization

We are dedicated to the conservation and promotion of classic motorcycles and youngtimers. We organise events on a closed circuit, which bring together riders and lovers of beautiful mechanics.

In addition, we want to encourage the discovery of track driving and especially among young people.

Our actions

We ride with our own machines in classic motorcycle track days on various tracks in France and Europe

For the past five years, we have been organizing events on different tracks in France, each bringing together up to 150 pilotes as well as many accompanying persons and guests.

We offer the opportunity to those who wish to discover the track, offering coaching for novice drivers

These events are friendly gatherings of amateurs. Is excluded any notion of competition, ranking or timing.
These events take place without public, access being restricted to participants, accompanying persons and guests.

Our project

In addition to the consolidation of our actions, aimed at ensuring maximum safety and comfort to our participants and sharing our passion with conviviality.

Youth on Track

We have the ambition to transmit our passion for beautiful mechanics and the practice of the circuit to young drivers, helping them materially and financially to access this sport.