Mas du Clos

the track laps at the Mas du Clos

Thanks to Dominique for this video.


Designed by Pierre Bardinon, in the park of his property located in the heart of the foothills of the Massif Central. This curved track, throughout its 3.1 kilometers, allows you to meet all types of turns: large curves, double turns, right left, slope turn, straight line, everything that makes the components of a great circuit.

The Mas du Clos is one of the track still active with a non-"sanitized" layout, it is renowned for its technicality, but also for the emotion it provides, an emotion mixed with respect and apprehension.

At Mas du Clos, racing makes sense.

  • Altitude : 690 mètres.
  • Point G.P.S. 45° 55,5’ Nord  2° 18,5’ Est
  • Type de revêtement : 0/10 – BBSG – alluvionnaire.
  • Longueur du circuit : 3.071,80 mètres.
  • Largeur minimum : 10 mètres / Largeur maximum : 14 mètres.
  • Nombre de virages : 12