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These events are driving on closed circuits, approved and with medical assistance.

These are friendly gatherings of classic motorcycle enthusiasts. It is excluded any notion of competition, ranking or timing.
These events take place without public, access being restricted to participants, accompanying persons and guests.

We favor safety, friendliness and the pleasure of riding by limiting the number of participants.

The entries are divided into 5 series of 35 machines at most, 4 "classic" series and 1 "post-classic" series.

We do our best to organize homogeneous series in terms of machine performance, control levels and if necessary promote series changes during the event.

It's time to prepare our programs for the next season.

Phil D Racing

offers Classic Wheels version "Classic Circus", 3 tracks 3 weeks apart

MAGNY-COURS Club         18-19-20 of May

LURCY LEVIS on 7-8-9 June

LURCY LEVIS on 7-8-9 June